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Bakery and Ice Cream Treats

From our own Midway Bakery   •

Everything we bake at The Midway Bakery is made by hand with real ingredients, no fillers, gels or stabilizers — just real butter, sugar, cream and chocolate. Our flours come from Weisenberger Mill down the road; most of the corn and wheat is raised right here in Kentucky. We source as many local ingredients as possible! We also proudly serve pastries from our friend Martine's Pastries in Lexington.

Add ice cream and syrup to a brownie or bar for $1.00.

Kentucky Heritage Pies
Take home a whole pie!
Cakes and Cheesecakes
See bakery case for selection and order at the counter

Our Famous Jumbo Cookies $3.00
Lemon Bar $4.00
Extra Fudgy Brownie $4.00
Woodford Cookie $1.50
Sorghum Cookie $1.50
Corn Cookie $1.50

Our Own Beignets with Chocolate Sauce — Fluffy pillows of yeast-risen dough with powdered sugar and our own Bourbon Chocolate Sauce for dipping $4.99

Bourbon Ball Sundae — Soft-serve ice cream with Ruth Hunt Bourbon Balls and bourbon butter sauce $5.99

Blue Monday Sundae Soft-serve ice cream with crumbled Blue Monday candy and chocolate sauce $5.99

Old-fashioned Ice Cream Sundae — Soft-serve ice cream with chocolate sauce, whipped cream and a cherry $3.99

Milk Shakes — Any of our Flavor Burst flavors or Rich Bourbon Chocolate or Extra Nutty Peanut Butter $4.99

Soft-serve Ice Cream Cone $1.99
with a Flavor Burst:
1-4 flavors $2.50
5-8 flavors $2.99